The challenge, and the limitless possibilities of knitwear was first to draw DOBRZANSKA attention in her creative pursuits. The idea to create comfortable, warm yet sophisticated knitwear designs was conceived attending the New York opera, and further fueled by passion of finding eloquent solutions to uneasy technical challenges. Relentlessly improving upon knitwear technique, overcoming its caprices of shape and wear, and exploring the infinite, colorful and captivating outcomes of blending yarn, DOBRZANSKA knitwear takes it even a step further by combining it with state of the art embroidery, thus proving knitwear’s rightful place in the Haute Couture world.
DOBRZANSKA offers custom-made knitwear dresses and coats. Individual garments can be made based on samples in our web page with the choice of your desired embroidery. Coats and dresses can be customized according to your measurements based on colors shown in our web page. Our knitwear is made by combining three yarns: viscose, metallizzata and polyester.

Each and every one of creations is a personal message interwoven with unique, distinct experiences - whether a direct hint at the works of the Masters before us, or a brave confession of what moved her the most.

Inese Kamarūte
Founder of Dobrzanska


Finding accessories that complete a look and express it to its fullest is exemplified in DOBRZANSKA range of accessories. From must-haves such as scarves, handbags and gloves, to one of a kind designs reminiscent of historical and artful themes – set your imagination free.
We wish to give you unlimited space to be creative and playful when it comes to accessorizing. Perhaps there is a work of art dear to you that we can use as an inspiration for a one of a kind print on a scarf. Or an outfit that you wish to add to for a special occasion. Together we create designs based on your vision to bring truly unique items into your wardrobe.

Individual garments

Here at DOBRZANSKA we aspire to make your desires come to life. With an abundance of luxury materials to choose from and in the hands of our talented team, you become a creator yourself. Similarly as all DOBRZANSKA pieces are created, together we build on your vision – be it casual wear, a special occassion, or creating a design around a centrepiece that inspires you. We will help you come up with or refine your concept and provide guidance in selection of best materials, colour palettes, fit and finishing touches. The rest you can leave in the hands of our technically excellent and thorough team, until one day your dream arrives at your doorstep.
Individual garments can be created based on samples in our showroom and web page or produced solely according to your desires and vision. At DOBRZANSKA we mainly use brocade, silk, velvet, and lace. We will offer you highest quality fabrics purchased in Italy and France.
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